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Thursday, 15 December 2011

What is happening in India?

India is a developing country and economically we are very strong and fundamentals of domestic company's are very strong if GDP goes down no problem.This is the confidence we have so far.

Uncertain things happening in India.

1.Our inflation will goes up and down with out any reason.

2.To tame inflation we need FDI in multi retail's sentiment created by government then some of investors started to invest in the market but opposition doesn't like it.After rolled back the decision, suddenly inflation came down to 6.6%. How strange it is? It is 4.35% now, suddenly our farmers started to grow much vegetables and cereals.

3.RBI raised interest rates 13 times to bring down the inflation.Now inflation 4.35 % lowest in nearly four years then why should not RBI cut the rates? due to interest rates hike and exports and imports our IIP index shocked us.Now FII's are again started to sell with the fear. What this government wanted to do?
There is no certainty in their words and their monetary actions.
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People should know why Indian share prices are falling down...keep the good work on

worldknowledge said...

Thank you very much

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