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Sunday, 13 November 2011

What to do if you want to invest in Mutual Funds.

Mutual funds may be formed under company law,by legal trust or by statute. There are fund managers who manage the investment decisions, Fund Administrator who manages the trading,reconciliations, valuation and unit pricing, a Board of Directors or Trustees who safe guards the assets and ensures compliance with laws ,regulations and rules and the share holders who own the assets and associated income.

Internationally recognized mutual funds are 
1. Exchange traded funds(ETFs)
2. Real Estate Investment trusts(REITs)
3. Sovereign investment funds.
The terminology varies with country.

There are many ways to find mutual fund securities in India.

1. Get in touch with Asset Management Company(AMC) through online. Some mutual fund sites allow you to invest online for that you need to have an account with the banks they have partnered with and get in touch with fund houses. You will find all these sites on web.

2. Visit  the Association of Mutual funds in India: Here you find a list of mutual fund agents across the country.

3. Investigate your friends relative and colleagues 

4. Visit your bank: A number of banks are mutual fund agents.

5. Check the online finance portals.

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