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Friday, 4 November 2011

Introduction of Stock market

Stock Market or Equity Market is a loose network of Economic Transactions, not physical facility.Stocks are a type of investments that represents owner ship in a company.when you own a stock issued by a particular company you own a portion or a share of that company. That's why stocks referred to as shares and owners of stocks referred as  share holders.
      Stocks can also be used to take control of a company. Any company purchases 50.1% of the available stocks of another company ,then it gains a majority voting position on the company's board of directors.
      Can you make easy money in the stock market? This is a question usually asked by beginners to stock market investment. In order to make alot of money you need to be already wealthy in share market.
      Back in the late 90's if you happend to be in" The Market" it was possible to make 30% per year by holding just about any stock, but if you were in the right stock then 100% was quite reasonable too.
      In practice making money in the stock market is a long-term adventure and needs patience and persistence. If you have funds to invest and a willingness to learn and improve, you can make money.
      Look at Warren Buffet- He makes a lots of money but he also has incredible skill patience and dedication.

Learning about and understanding the stock market is not something that is likely to be taught(or)learn in a few days(or) weeks. It takes several years to really get a deep and lasting understanding.
      Warren Buffet has suggested in the past that every investor should be able to understand basic accounting principles, an annual report and stock market history. You should understand the scoring system of the game.
      Education in personal finance,corporate finance,taxation,economics and investment theories will help to getting a wide ranging. Once the basics have been covered and understood it may be that just one (or) two hours of reading each week will be enough to keep knowledge up to date, But keeping up to date is vital.


worldknowledge said...

This blog is not going to provide you any tips but provides very useful information to beginners and those who are trading and investing.
Today's market is very volatile and in this market it is very hard to keep track on stocks market. In this situation it is better to invest in mutual funds and also make an SIP (Systematic investment plan may be $1000 a month in a MF) . This averages out the market fluctuations.
In reality there is no wrong or right place where you can start your trading journey. There are some certain strategies and principles which are usually common to all successful investors. You must not listen to each and every person as there are always personal opinions and some conflicting story versions too. For achieving success you only need about 5% of this trading information.

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nice blog for beginner in share market i must say

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really good information.....thx
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kontha mandiki english peddaga raadhu. Telugulo kuda chepthe baguntundhi anila gaaru. Telugulo ante telugu aksharalu kadhu english letters tho telugu type cheyyandi plz

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