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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Economic Collapse: Robert Kiyosaki Investment strategy

Robert Kiyosaki is a New York Times best -selling author and self made Millionaire.
 He clearly defines the difference between cash flow and capital gains and why the average person will always try to invest for capital gains.which he compares to gambling. He stats the idea of increasing financial education as the right way to protect oneself in a down economy verses investing in a well diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
His first strategy was to short the market during the crash, which will also pull down the prices of precious metals. Then after crash he will move back into gold mining stocks and enjoy the rebound.
He experienced the trapping of his money during crash and he quoted very useful strategy.
The longer the market crash is delayed the higher that natural resources are going to increase after the market crash.
The price of oil could easily double its current price shortly after a market crash and a sell off of the dollar.


వెంకట్. బి said...

Hi, Anila, first post, very nice, and important to investors.And I would like to give one suggestion to you just give some fundamentals about the companies with your analysis and their share. If you present like that your blog popularity increases.

All the best Anil

worldknowledge said...

sure venkat..i will do it..first this is for just to get an idea in stock market..thanks for you suggestion..

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