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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Best time for investment in share market

While its tempting to wait for the best time to invest, especially in a raising market. Some times the risk of waiting may be much greater than the potential rewards of participating. There is no use in tracking the stock market daily or weekly and then making a decision on where to invest. Timing the stock market is a foolish goal. Trust in the power of accumulated interest. Compounding is growth via reinvestment of returns earned on your savings. You earn not only on the original investment but also on the reinvestment of dividend/interest accumulated over the years. The power of compounding is one of the most compelling reasons investing as soon as possible.

                         It is the length of time that you stay invested in the stock market that matters. The longer you are in the better for you.
                         The earlier you start investing and continue to do so consistently the more money you will make. The longer you leave your money invested and the higher the interest rates. The faster your money will grow. That's why stocks are the best investment tools.

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