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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Be careful when a tip is passed

Whenever a tip is passed onto you take care about the following points.
  • Make sure you check the genuineness of the information. Just because the tip is coming from a successful investor or your broker it is not guaranteed.
  • Talk to your peers, see what they feel
  • Don't get greedy. Invest in a phased manner and most importantly don't trade more than you could afford.
  • News papers and TV channels are mostly late in reporting a news and by that time the news in already discounted.
  • If you understand technical see what they say
  • Day trading is very tricky always plan to invest for mid to long term.


worldknowledge said...

This blog is not going to provide you any tips but provides very useful information to beginners and those who are trading and investing.
Today's market is very volatile and in this market it is very hard to keep track on stocks market. In this situation it is better to invest in mutual funds and also make an SIP (Systematic investment plan may be $1000 a month in a MF) . This averages out the market fluctuations.
In reality there is no wrong or right place where you can start your trading journey. There are some certain strategies and principles which are usually common to all successful investors. You must not listen to each and every person as there are always personal opinions and some conflicting story versions too. For achieving success you only need about 5% of this trading information.

వెంకట్. బి said...

Its not market volatility our business system became like that. We don't what happened tomorrow. Every thing scams. So we won't suggest a stock

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